Let’s talk about expectations

Anyone who has worked in marketing knows that setting realistic expectations is one of the most basic things you can do to have a relatively stress-free existence.

But it can be hard.

I believe in trying to set realistic expectations from the very start of any project. Part of of this is often addressing the motivations someone may have in trying to reach a desired outcome.

So with this in mind, this first post on this newly relaunched website is about setting expectations in regards to what is going to happen here.

I pretty much covered the motivation part of it here, albeit briefly.

I will likely publish here with brief notes, thoughts and observations reasonably regularly. But I am aiming at publishing one quality article every month. If it happens more regularly, then that’s a bonus.

I will be mainly be covering the following (broad) topics:

  • web analytics
  • digital advertising
  • content marketing strategy
  • business intelligence

So there you have it. A very simple set of expectations, but also pretty unambiguous.